Picture diary: Follow the harvesting process

Standing crop of traditional meadow

Mowing and conditioning

The blades rotate at 540 revs per minute which cut the stems, the conditioning fingers then bruise the grass in order to break the wax coating on the leaves, this increases the drying capacity by up to 30%.

Tedding or Turning

The tedding machine gently lifts the grass from the ground turning and fluffing the crop to expose the heavy moist material from beneath which helps produce uniformity. This operation may need to be carried out up to 3 to 4 times depending on the weather.

The rowing up machine

This machine can rake up to 6 metres of grass into one windrow in preparation for the crop hungry baling machine. This windrow allows the breeze to blow through encouraging the drying process.

Tractor Baling

175 hp is required to operate this Krone baler.


Krone Big Pack � This machine collects packs and ties the crop into bales that can vary in length from 3� up to 6�6�.

A few minutes play time!

Bale Wrapping

This machine is the most temperamental of all the equipment; it requires a driver with the patience of a saint but is probably the most important job of all. At craven we ensure each bale does at least 26 revolutions on the table which ensures sufficient wrap coverage to produce and protect a first class product.

Loading Big Bales

Avoiding damage to the bale is key at this point.

Stacking bales back at the Farm

Great care is needed to avoid damage and make retrieval in the winter easier. All bales are recorded and once a customer is happy they will remain on bales from that stack throughout the season.



Trojan baler exerting up to 20 tons of pressure on main ram, packs haylage into 20 kg packs clean convenient and guaranteed.

It�s In the Bag!

Two satisfied customers

Boris & Hector! From the EST Donkey Sanctuary Leeds


"Customer satisfaction is our pleasure"

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