Cravenbale Haylage

Dust free forage for horses...

At Craven we are proud of our grassland management and since 2002 have dedicated our efforts to the production, packaging and delivery of fine quality forage for horses.

Cravenbale is unique amongst specialist forage producers, we have retained and nurtured many of our traditional old fashioned hay meadows. Although less productive than many modern grasses, they have character and charm containing a fine blend of species rich herbs and traditional grasses. Blessed with a little sunshine they create a sweet smelling highly palatable feed, high in fibre low in protein, ideal for most leisure horses.

At Cravenbale we allow the grasses time to mature before harvesting, this helps increase the fibre and decrease the amount of protein in the final product.

Although haylage is far from an exact science as no two years are ever alike, we make every effort at each stage to do what we feel necessary. Obviously the weather plays a huge part in the successful production of hay and haylage.

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Cravenbale Haylage Products

During the summer we endeavour to harvest and grade our grasses into the following products:

  • Traditional Meadow
  • Perennial Grass Mix
  • Ryegrass Special
  • Old Fashioned Pony Hay

Why Choose Cravenbale?

  • A small dedicated team with a proven track record.
  • Committed to care through production and delivery.
  • Totally natural process no artificial additives.
  • Guaranteed supply and consistency.
  • All bales guaranteed.
  • Help and advice from family with over 40 years of owning horses active in many disciplines.
  • A choice of products suitable for horses of all types.

Forage Analysis

How and where to purchase Cravenbale

Our 20kg handy packs are available from:

David at
Pot Haw Farm
Moorber Lane
Coniston Cold
BD23 4ED
Mobile 07754834756

Jonathan at
Whalley Corn Mill
Brook House Farm
Mitton Road
BB7 9F
Tel 01254 824643

Jim at
Carrs Billington
Laycock House
Skipton Auction Mart
BD23 1UD
Tel 01756 792166

Rob at
Nr Harrogate
North Yorkshire
Tel 01423 506615

Hargreaves Bannister Ltd
Corn Mill
Laneshaw Bridge
Tel 01282 865084

1st Choice Pet Supplies
Unit 2 Cavour Street
BB12 0BQ
Tel 01282 830382

Stuart at
Lane End Country Store
Gilstead Lane
BD16 3LH
Tel 01274 563642

Julie at
Country Feeds
Nr Bradford
West Yorkshire
BD17 7DW
Tel 01274 593111

WCF Country Centre
Canvedish Street
North Yorkshire
BD23 2AW
Tel 01756 791121

John at
Hapton Animal Feeds
Unit 12 Thorneybank Industrial Estate
Burnley Road
BB11 5QR
Tel 01282 779932

Rosie at
Carrs Billington
The Sidings Industrial Estate
Tel 01200 445 491

Sally at
WE Jameson & Son Ltd
The Country Store
Foxholme Lane Mill
North Yorkshire
Tel 01765 689666

Dust Free Forage for Horses from Cravenbale Haylage

Also available at the farm or delivered within a 15 mile radius of the farm are large square wrapped bales.

Size/Weight Approximately

5ft | Bale | 320kg | 4/6 horses

4ft | Bale | 270Kg | 3/5 horses

3ft | Bale | 190Kg | 2/3 horses

Any prices quoted are ex-farm

We do have a delivery service for big bales which is calculated on mileage with a minimum charge of �20 then 50 pence per mile charged after 5 miles.

For quotes and advice please call David on 07754834756

�Customer Satisfaction is our pleasure!�

Craven Junior

Craven Regulars

Craven Jumbos

Traditional Meadow is sweet smelling and highly palatable, high in fibre, low in protein. Ideal for most leisure Horses especially native ponies.

A mature mix containing perennial Ryegrass, Timothy, Cocksfoot and other meadow grasses, is golden in appearance and smells lovely. Suitable for most types of horses and ponies especially competition and show horses. Improves condition and puts a shine on the coat.

Characteristics; Shorter, softer, very palatable. Needs nets with small holes (usually a little cheaper)

Visual Comparison

"Customer satisfaction is our pleasure"

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