Old Fashioned Pony Hay picture diary

Standing crop of traditional meadow � Low Winterley

Mowing and conditioning

The conditioner removes the wax from the leaf to aid speedy drying.

Tedding or turning

Tedding or turning aides the drying process and aims to achieve a uniform product, depending on conditions this may need to be carried out several times.

Wind rowing

Wind Rowing in preparation for the traditional baler � This is Joe�s job! Known as wind rowing as it lifts the hay from the ground and allows wind to blow through.

Baling with John Deere 459

Making Traditional Hay bales - Hay needs to be at least 85% dry matter in order to store correctly.

Bale sledge

The bales are collected in a flat 8 sledge.

Flat eight bale grab

Lifting the bales with flat 8 grab

Loading the hay trailer for transport back to the barn.

Hayfield tea

Best part of the day!

Off loading and stacking in the barn

Winning entry at Craven Cattle Marts charity Christmas fodder competition.

This bale made �50 for Manorlands Hospice

It�s a team effort

Adam, Brian and Martin � thank�s lads!!!


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