Schooling Facilities

Our Aim is to provide inviting and interesting facilities for schooling young horses and riders for cross country and eventing.

The location of the schooling area is changed regularly which provides variety and helps maintain good ground. As many as 20 fences including skinnies, corners and combinations are sited at related distances to provide safe but challenging conditions.

We are always open to suggestion and ideas, if a club or group have a specific request we will do our best to oblige!

Junior Schooling Loop

The junior loop has evolved recently to provide a stepping stone for those novice riders and ponies making that big step and riding unaided in open country.

We will site 6 or up to 10 small inviting obstacles close together in a loop of up to 400 metres. This enables a parent or instructor to stand centrally so the whole loop can be seen, which is a great confidence boost for jockey and parent! fantastic preparation for the outer Farm Ride.

"Customer satisfaction is our pleasure"

Pot Haw Farm, Moorber Lane, Coniston Cold, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4ED  |  Tel: 01756 749300  |  Email:
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